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Inductive Loop Sensor

IRT40A (353.101.0401)
CHF 633.00
IRT60A (353.101.0601)
CHF 610.00
IRT75A (353.101.0751)
CHF 739.00
IRT100A (353.101.1001)
CHF 602.00
IRT150A (353.101.1501)
CHF 631.00
IRT200A (353.101.2001)
CHF 786.00
IRV10 (642.101.01)
CHF 900.00
IRV11 (642.101.02)
CHF 1'020.00
IRV20 (642.102.01)
CHF 1'101.00


Inductive Loop Sensors IRV/IRT

For Contact-Free Detection of Metallic, Especially Bar Shaped Materials (Tubes, Profiles, etc.)

Typical application areas:

  • tube processing machines (straightening machines, cold pilger mills, etc.)
  • tube feeding by use of mandrel bars

circular sensor area, implemented by a very rugged exploring coil

response sensitivity mostly the same in the whole sensor area

automatic adjustment by use of control unit IRV20:

  • automatic compensation of the influence of environmental metallic material
  • automatic configuration of the optimum response sensitivity, related to the depth of immersion of the material into the exploring coil

exploring coil available in various dimensions

protection category IP65


Inductive Loop Sensors IRV/IRT, Overview

Inductive Loop Sensors IRT with Control Unit IRV20