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Measuring Light Barrier

G35EF1V1 (325.121.23)
CHF 1'873.00
G35EF1V2 (325.121.24)
CHF 1'859.00
G35EF2V1 (325.121.33)
CHF 1'981.00
G35EF2V2 (325.121.34)
CHF 1'976.00
G35EF3V1 (325.121.43)
CHF 1'981.00
G35EF3V2 (325.121.44)
CHF 1'976.00
G35EF5V1 (325.121.63)
CHF 1'981.00
G35EF5V2 (325.121.64)
CHF 1'976.00


Measuring Light Barriers G35

Light barriers in the G35EF range are principally used in length measurement systems, but can also be used as light curtains that detect objects interrupting the beams. The G35EF has a multiple photocell technique enabling an array of beams to be formed. The output switches when part of the light beam array is interrupted by an object with a size corresponding to the for the device specified resolution. The response time when light beams are interrupted or established is 100μs. The light barrier switches statically, the accuracy depends on the device type in lies in the range from +-0.5mm to +-0.8mm. The repeatability, which is also device dependent,  lies in the range from 0.1mm to 0.2mm.

The associated control units G35V1 (24V DC or24V AC Supply) and G35V2 (12V to 15V DC Supply) provide digital switching outputs.


Light Barriers G35