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Light Curtain LV..M

LV100M1 (329.101.12)
CHF 1'298.00
LV100/50M (329.105.12)
CHF 1'328.00
LV150M1 (329.111.12)
CHF 1'354.00
LV150/150M1 (329.113.12)
CHF 1'424.00
LV200M1 (329.121.12)
CHF 1'374.00
LV200/200M1 (329.123.12)
CHF 1'515.00
LV200/150M1 (329.125.12)
CHF 1'444.00
LV250/250M1 (329.124.12)
CHF 1'607.00
LV300/200M1 (329.133.12)
CHF 1'591.00


LIght Screens LV..M

Light Screens series LV...M are used to count and detect any type of small objects. They have a gapless sensing area. An object passing through is detected independent of its position and orientation. Objects having complex shape (for example rings and springs) don’t result in multiple counts. It is possible to reliably detect spheres with minimum 0.6mm diameter.

The sensitivity can be gradually adjusted to the size of the objects to be detected. Objects corresponding to the selected sensitivity level are reliably detected. The detection of four times smaller pieces is safely suppressed.

The continuous contamination of the optics during operation is constantly monitored, and, within its allowed range, does not influence functionality. Especially, the selected sensitivity level is not compromised.

The light screen signals operational readiness, as long as the maximum allowable degree of contamination is not exceeded, and the sender and receiver power necessary to guarantee reliable operation is not too low, respectively. An early warning signal indicates, that the optics of the light screen has soon to be cleaned. In addition to a continuous internal function check, it is monitored that no object stays longer than allowed in the sensing field.


Handout to Light Screens LV...M

Datasheet to Light Screens LV...M