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Digital Light Curtain LVMC

LVMC100/100M3 (329.153.2230)
CHF 1'362.00
LVMC150/100M3 (329.153.3230)
CHF 1'422.00
LVMC150/150M3 (329.153.3330)
CHF 1'502.00
LVMC200/200M3 (329.153.4430)
CHF 1'515.00
LVMC250/250M3 (329.153.5530)
CHF 1'688.00
LVMC300/200M3 (329.153.6430)
CHF 1'669.00


Digital Light Curtain LVMC

The digital light curtain LVMC with integrated measuring functionality is used for safe detection, counting and classification of objects of any shape and material.

The remotely controllable device, which can be configured and operated via USB and Ethernet, offers exceptional flexibility and operational reliability. Objects measured at high resolution and speed are classified based on their extent, passing time and area. This allows different objects to be differentiated, unwanted ones to be filtered out and objects that are too close together to be identified separately. Even rotating objects can be reliably detected with the integrated gap suppression functionality. In automatic mode, the LVMC autonomously learns to distinguish between specified objects, and objects that are too small or too large.

All these functions make it possible to use the device in areas where, until now, it was only possible to work with complex camera systems. Speculation about correct parameterization or about reasons for a faulty object detection are a thing of the past: The 2D visualization of passing objects in combination with a multitude of measured values enables targeted parameterization. As part of a system, machine components (such as vibratory conveyors, blow-out devices or flaps of a packaging or counting machine) can be controlled by the LVMC.

The LVMC, which is available in various dimensions, offers various freely configurable galvanically isolated inputs and outputs.

Power is supplied to the device either by a 24V DC supply or via PoE.


Handout Light Curtain LVMC