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CO2 Sensor CONNY

CHF 298.00


CONNY - The CO2 Sensor that Breathes

The self-calibrating CO2 sensor CONNY of the German company ISIC IC is a device for permanent precise monitoring of the CO2 concentration in the ambient air. To measure, it continuously sucks in air. The measurement result is displayed large-scaled in the colors green, yellow or red, depending on adjustable threshold values. The overrun of threshold valuess can also be signaled acoustically. 

Infection Protection with CONNY

If several people come together in a closed room, the risk of becoming infected with the Corona virus increases for them, as the viruses can be transmitted via aerosols in the air. CONNY actively warns when the CO2 concentration becomes too high and to air out the room is required. It thus reduces the risk of infection and creates safety and confidence. If the CO2 sensor lights up green, the risk of an infection taking place in the room is low and no one has to worry about their health. The psychological effect for the people in the room is immense - in the classroom, as well as in a shop, in a restaurant or at the hairdresser's. The intelligent airing also saves energy and heating costs.

Documentation and Digital Notification

CONNY can be operated by WLAN and it can be integrated into a cloud. This allows the measured values of the CO2 sensor to be documented and evaluated. The user can thereby optimize his airing behavior. If a power fail occurs, or a limit value is exceeded, CONNY informs by e-mail or via a push notification.